Eric E. Wallace is an author and playwright, working in fiction, poetry, drama, humor, radio and television. He uses the imprint Rabbit Creek Creative for some of his work.

Eric has written four books. The first three are anthologies of his literary short stories:

UNDERTOW   (BookLocker: 2014)
HOAR FROST (BookLocker: 2015)
STONERISE    (BookLocker: 2016)

Eric’s fourth book, EMPEROR’S REACH, a novel, was published by BookLocker at the end of 2017.

Please click on the tabs above for more information about each book.

Eric’s work has appeared in eleven print anthologies and in many periodicals, literary journals and newspapers, including (a partial list):

Alaska Bride and Groom**
Alaska Business Monthly**
Alaska Magazine
Alaska Quarterly Review
Anchorage Times**
Boise Weekly*
The First Line
Garbanzo Literary Journal
Pensacola News-Journal**
Pol Journal*
Rosebud Magazine
Valdez Star
Writers Digest*

and online at:
Idaho Magazine*
Toasted Cheese Literary Journal*

* more than once
** many times

(To see a list of the print anthologies, please go to the ‘About’ page.)

Eric has written scripts for a multitude of television and radio programs, public service material and commercials. His TV work has aired on PBS stations around the country and his radio material has been heard on public and commercial stations in Florida and Alaska.


—Eric’s new novel, EMPEROR’S REACH, has just been published. EMPEROR’S REACH takes place in contemporary San Francisco. It intertwines a psychological drama with history, humor, romance and suspense. The novel is filled with eccentric characters and has a protagonist who may charm you no end…oh, but watch out for him!

–Three of Eric’s new short stories were published in the 2017 anthology GAME–WRITERS IN THE ATTIC. The three are “Nzango”, “Traplines” and “Violet and Pierrot”. (The last story is about Napoleon in exile on Elba) . The book is available on Amazon.

–Eric’s short story “Exit Zero” took first place (and was also the ‘Publisher’s Choice’ and a ‘Judge’s Choice’) in the 2017 Idaho Magazine Fiction Contest. It can be read online at the magazine website, as can his earlier winning story “Cell Block.”

–STONERISE, Eric third anthology, is now in print (see separate tab above)

–Eric’s short story “Pride” won second prize in the 2016 Idaho Writers Guild Fiction Competition. The story appears in STONERISE.

–Two more short stories, “Going Under” and “The Kindness of Hot Water” were published in WATER–WRITERS IN THE ATTIC, an anthology published by Log Cabin Books, Boise (August, 2016),  available on Amazon. Both of these stories also appear in STONERISE.

–UNDERTOW was reviewed in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal in December, 2015. A copy of the review is on the UNDERTOW page.


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